Susan thought she was living a simple, normal life until Valentine's day when her husband committed suicide. That action was just the beginning of what would become Susan's "Job" experience as their six homeschooled children were taken by CPS only days after the funeral, separated and put into foster care.

Through a strange set of circumstances, Susan and her husband’s mistresses were forced together bringing forgiveness and healing in what seemed like an unimaginable situation.

Read how this family survived this tragedy and the ensuing chaos that followed by walking through the beatitudes and learning how to redefine happiness. This is a story of faith and forgiveness, of hope and God's grace, of leaning on God and trusting Him when everything has been taken from you.

I am currently working on getting my book about how God helped us through the most difficult time of our lives published.  I had a publisher and it was to be published this year but then  I found out the publisher wasn’t doing their job and there are multiple lawsuits against them and now I’m having to start over with publishing.  I’m currently leaning towards self–publishing.

If you would like to keep up with what’s going on with the book you can follow on our FB page.  I will post as things develop and hopefully before this year is finished it will be available for purchase.

A follow up book, Redefining Normal, is in the works.  I will update as that project nears completion.

When All Dreams are Gone